What We Stand For


The current situation

One of the biggest greetings card companies in the UK turned over around £73,000,000 in the year ending April 2016. Greeting cards are a huge market, and we want as many people as possible to benefit from this.

Rather than retain all of the profits with our shareholders, we will return up to 50% of our profits to our community, which consists of designers, charities, retailers and our customers.

We want to make a positive difference and make a real difference to people lives and we have the tools to do it.


How WeAllSendCards is different


WeAllSendCards offers customers thousands of stylish greetings cards that can be personalised inside and out, at prices that are currently cheaper than the main personalised greeting card companies in the UK market.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cards, and they are printed on FSC certified cardstock which is recyclable and compostable. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and our cards are printed by an experienced print team using a Canon ImagePress C10000VP printing press which is state of the art and produces top-quality greeting cards.

We stand out from the crowd as we give 50% of our profits back to the community, and reward our customers for introducing new customers, instead of paying huge amounts to online marketing companies such as Facebook and Google, and further lining the pockets of multi-billionaires.


The WeAllSendCards community


Perhaps the biggest difference of all is that we are creating a WeAllSendCards community. This is made up of people from four main groups:

  • Artists, Designers, Photographers
  • Charities and Good Causes
  • People who appreciate art and/or like buying greetings cards

People who want to earn from recommending our services or selling our cards. There are no joining fees and no ongoing fees, so it’s a free community that exists to benefit its members. What’s more, we will give all our members the opportunity to share in our success via our revenue share programme which enables us to give back 50% of our profits to our community.


What is the WeAllSendCards revenue share programme?

We aim to return up to 50% of our net profit every quarter to our members, based on their contribution to our success through:

  • Buying cards
  • Providing imagery that we sell on cards
  • Referring customers
  • Promoting their charity or good cause
  • Any combination of the above.

We pay market-leading royalties to card creators and make generous donations to good causes. We also offer competitive prices for general customers as well as considerable discounts to retailers/bulk purchasers.

Up to half of the profits we make will go back to the community, not to shareholders or into investors’ pockets.


How the WeAllSendCards community benefits artists, photographers, and designers

We give the people who design greetings cards a chance to build an ongoing income stream. Each designer can have their own page on the WeAllSendCards website, which allows them to showcase themselves and their card designs, and earn a competitive royalty for each card we sell.

Get Noticed

We will provide a platform so that artists, designers and photographers can promote themselves and we provide a full solution which gets their design to the customer without any investment risk, enabling them to sell their card designs via our website and earn some extra income.

Buy to Sell

Designers will also have the option to buy their cards in low to medium volumes to sell
themselves. We will provide wholesale pricing from just one card at a time, enabling them to sell their cards online or offline, to friends and family, at craft fairs or on their own website, with a markup that they feel is right.

Generous royalty payments

royalties will be earned for each card sold. Of course, we can’t guarantee sales as that’s down to the tastes of our customers. But designers can earn market-leading royalty rates by allowing us to use their designs on our cards. We will pay between 38p and 50p per card sold, and we do all the work once a customer places an order.

Earn Rewards For Introducing Customers

Referrals will be key to our success. So much so, that we will be providing a generous
“thank you” to those who introduce new customers or designers to our website and new members to our community.

We will pay 25p per card sold to the person who introduced the customer that makes a purchase of retail priced cards. This is on every card they buy, and if they register, on every order they make, not just their first order.




How the WeAllSendCards community benefits good causes

WeAllSendCards will allow charities and good causes to use a web link, and if anyone visits our site via that weblink and purchases cards, a donation will be made to that charity for each card purchased at a rate of 25p per retail priced card they purchase.

This will be for every order they make as long as they register, or click the same link before placing their next order.


How the WeAllSendCards community benefits our community

Up to £1.15 from every card sold will go back to the community. This will be through referral payments and royalties.

We also aim to pay back a vast proportion of our net profit on a quarterly basis to our community through our revenue share payments to those who buy cards, provide card designs or spread the word about the benefits of the WeAllSendCards community to friends, family, supporters and colleagues.

The level of the quarterly payment is based on the activity of each individual member with regards to purchasing cards and the cards purchased by those recommended. Payments will only be made if a profit has been made dependent on our sales revenue and costs.

Our revenue share programme is unique to WeAllSendCards and unprecedented in the greeting card industry. It enables customers, charities, entrepreneurs or anyone who’s looking to generate additional income to do so by sharing the benefits of WeAllSendCards and the WeAllSendCards community. You can do this through a unique URL given to you when you register.


Other benefits of WeAllSendCards

Environmentally Friendly – All our greetings cards are fully recyclable and produced using sustainable card stock and bio-degradable cellophane wraps. We only print cards when they sell. We do not print cards and store them for future use, hoping that they sell, keeping waste to a minimum.

No Advertising Budget – We do not market WeAllSendCards using paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing etc. Instead, we optimise our site for search engine purposes and reward our members generously for introducing new customers and members.

This allows us to divert funds to members of our community, rather than spending money on advertising that will line the already bulging pockets of huge global companies that distribute their income to shareholders.


Some additional information

This is specifically NOT an MLM scheme in any shape or form.

WeAllSendCards rewards people for buying cards, providing designs which sell, and promoting our site to others.

Revenue share is fairly distributed between new joiners and those who have been supporting us for years.

There is no requirement to build teams, pay fees or buy cards.

In Summary

WeAllSendCards is here to offer an alternative way for people to buy greeting cards, promoting a
community-based approach. We do this by fairly sharing our revenue our rewards with the people who help make us a success.

We offer a choice of thousands of cards, and you can even design your own at no additional cost. Our cards are high quality, competitively priced and are kind to the environment

Now is a great time to join our community. We’re still in our infancy, and exciting (and profitable) times are ahead! We cannot guarantee what you might earn with WeAllSendCards, but if we all work together to make the company profitable, we can all share in the rewards.


Contact us

Get in contact should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!