Madelein De Beer

The second in a series, where we look at the work of some of our designers, today’s featured designer is Madelein De Beer who trades under the name of Madlynology Poetry.

Briefly describe yourself (type of artist / designer / experience)

I am a Poet and Entrepreneur. I am from a small-town Klerksdorp in South Africa. I moved to London in 2003. I used to work in the personal assistant and accounting industries, before graduating with my degree in IT in 2013. Since then, I have been fortunate to do what I am most passionate about – poetry – To me life is to focus on what really matters most and that every human needs to find his own heart, and follow it.

What is your inspiration for your cards and what is your range?

My inspiration for most of my cards come from writing poetry. Just like a painter would brush stroke his work, so does a poet, one word at a time.

Which cards are your best sellers?

My cards are often a combination of poetry, inspirational verse and images. My birthday cards are good sellers. My best sellers:
Sku: a70138
Sku: 17546
Sku: 17552
Sku: a54620 and you can see them above

Do you offer any prints / posters via WASC and if so, what are they generally featuring?

I currently do not offer prints via WeAllSendCards.

Where do you typically sell your cards?

Mostly online through the WeAllSendCards site, and on EBAY. I would have loved to sell
in a market stall, but that has not materialised yet.

Do you have any advice / tips for our designers?

I do not have any advice as such, but I would appreciate advise on how to sell though.

What is your relationship to WASC?

I am a designer within the WeAllSendCards family

What are your social media details and Website

Facebook Page: n/a

Twitter Name: n/a


Pinterest Name: n/a

website for premium domains:


Self-published auther:

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