Martyn Boyd

The second in a series, where we look at the work of some of our designers, today’s featured designer is Martyn Boyd who trades under the name of Northlight PhotoArt.

Briefly describe yourself (type of artist / designer / experience)

I am a photographer with 35 years as a working professional, now retired from it full-time and working at it as an enthusiast. What I like to photograph is quite different to what I used to be paid to photograph but I draw on much of my experience and skills from my working days in my photography as an enthusiast. And because I’m now shooting what I want to shoot, I put a great deal of myself into every image I produce.

What is your inspiration for your cards and what is your range?

My main inspiration for my cards is the subtle, understated and under-appreciated loveliness of the place where I live and I like to capture it however I feel motivated at any given time, in my own way and put my own interpretation on familiar places and views. I also have always loved aeroplanes, especially the beautiful classic ones, and I like to shoot them when I get the opportunity and include them in my range.

My range is based upon scenic view cards, mostly of the district where I live, devoid of text and blank inside to make them as flexible as possible. I do theme some of them but I don’t deliberately set out to shoot specifically for a particular theme.

Which cards are your best sellers?

Hard to say. Online I’ve sold a cross section of my range but at local craft fairs and in local shops, the local scenic views are best sellers.

Do you offer any prints / posters via WASC and if so, what are they generally featuring?

Yes, I offer poster prints of selected scenic views and aeroplane shots, ones I think lend themselves to the possibility of hanging on a wall.

Where do you typically sell your cards?

Mostly at craft fairs and into some local retailers including my local butcher!

Do you have any advice / tips for our designers?

I can only advise those using photography as their medium. I try to pre-visualise my finished result to help me think about whether or not to take a shot, even if it’s a moving aeroplane. I often try to select a different to normal perspective, especially if it’s of something familiar. I always shoot with my camera set on maximum quality and for me that is raw image files so I capture every bit of image data, I don’t let the camera do any editing and saving as jpegs, I do all of that manually. So if you want one piece of advice – learn to shoot and edit photo’s in raw files, you will be rewarded!

What is your relationship to WASC?

I found WeAllSendCards some years ago as I was searching for card publishers who may be interested in my images. WeAllSendCards allows me to self-publish at virtually no cost and gives a purpose for my photography now. It’s a brilliant service and deserves to flourish and I support and promote it as best I can.

What are your social media details and Website

Facebook Page: @Northlightphotoart

Twitter Name: n/a

Instagram: Northlightphotoart

Pinterest Name: n/a


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