Weallsendcards.com Artistic Collaboration

Are you a registered member of WeAllSendCards and know a designer?

Do you know any designers that will benefit from We All Send Cards, but don’t have the time or the technical skills to set up their account and define their cards?

We now are launching a collaboration (The weallsendcards.com Artistic Collaboration) – card designers, including artists, photographers, and graphic designers can get involved by sending in examples of their work, but rather than having their own account, can ask us to set up their cards, complete keywords, and market their cards through our branding, and they can earn 25p for each card that sells, plus potential referral commissions up to 95p per card if they link to their page for their potential customers to buy.

Designers can have their own account and manage the account themselves, and they will earn higher royalties if they prefer! This is an additional service to what we can offer to card designers or wannabe card designers.

Cards will have our logo, along with the wording “working in collaboration with Mary Jones, Artist for example, and a link for either their website or social media to help them get more exposure.

We will also pay YOU 5p for each card that they sell as a thank you for introducing them to us.

This is available by recommendation only, so a designer will need to be recommended to WeAllSendCards by an existing member, AND their work has to be of a standard which is likely to see on we all send cards.

How to recommend them? send them to your WASC.UK address or to any links you have created using the link builder tool so they can see the website for themselves, and ask them to contact us via our Facebook page or email us at talk@weallsendcards.com

One thought on “Weallsendcards.com Artistic Collaboration

  1. Good morning!

    I recommend BEN HOLMES and hope he contacts you today.

    He paints the most amazing aeroplanes, people, just about anything – such a talent I have not seen before!

    Fingers crossed

    Kind regards

    Sue Bates (SJB cards)


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