Did you know that we can personalise the front and inside of the card you buy for you for free?

Just order the card as normal, and you will receive an email with your order reference. Reply to this email before 12pm (lunchtime UK time) giving details of how you want the card personalised, and attach any images, and we will ensure the card is personalised and posted the same day (Monday to Friday).


  • If you are ordering more than one card, please make it clear which card the personalisation applies to.
  • Please be clear whether personalisation is on the front, or inside.
  • We will aim to correct spelling mistakes, but cannot guarantee that we will do this. Sometimes it is unclear whether you meant to spell a word wrong (it happens!)
  • Some cards can not be personalised on the front. You can determine whether the card you want to buy can be personalised on the front by clicking “Personalise Card” rather than buy card blank, and if will say if it can be personalised on the front, on this screen. You can then click “Finish”, without doing your own personalisation, and reply to our email as normal.

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