The latest instalment of Meet Our Designers features Amanda Bakewell who trades on WeAllSendCards as Hojadaro

Based in the heart of the Fens of Cambridgeshire, I am an Experimental, enthusiastic, amateur … I enjoy taking photos and hope others enjoy them too.

What is your inspiration for your cards and what is your range?

Snapshots from my life and local area. Cards and prints created from whatever catches my eye from wherever I am. All have a personal link to something that made me smile at the time.

Which cards are your best sellers?

Any that someone else has bought to enjoy

Do you offer any prints / posters via WASC and if so, what are they generally featuring?

Yes, again mostly produced from my daily life. Cards and prints generally match to all the card to be used if giving as a gift.

Where do you typically sell your cards?


Do you have any advice / tips for our designers?

Just enjoy yourself, don’t expect to make millions from selling cards, just be consistent and positive, and grateful people enjoy your work.

What is your relationship to WASC?

Designer for several years

Contact Details

Facebook Page: Amanda Bakewell – Hojadaro

Twitter Name: Hojadaro

Instagram Name: Hojadaro

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