Card Designers

So You Want To Be A WeAllSendCards Designer?

Whether you’re an artist, illustrator or photographer, if you’ve got work that you think would look great on the front of a greeting card, we want to hear from you.

WeAllSendCards is a new kind of greetings card company that’s committed to sharing our profits with the people who help us make them in the first place – those who design our cards.




7 Great Reasons To Become A WeAllSendCards Designer

1. We pay market-leading royalties

Every time someone (other than yourself) buys a card with your design on it, we’ll pay up to 50p for each card sold.

Cards can be purchased by retailers and resellers too (subject to your agreement), and we allow you to set your own wholesale royalty rates!

2. You get a  free page on our site to promote and sell your work

You’ll get a free shop window for your work so every visitor to our site will get the chance to see your work and, of course, buy it.

You can also write a bio, provide a logo and include other information too.

3. Get paid even more if you find your own customers

We also provide you with a link in the format to send people directly to your card designs on our site.

If new customers buy cards after clicking this link, you can earn up to 25p per card extra that they buy.

We will do this for every order they make, whether they are buying just your cards, or cards from other designers too.

You can also write a bio, provide a logo and include other information too.

4. Buy to sell – a great way to buy your own designs

You can buy your own cards at massively discounted prices, get them printed and then sell them to friends, family, whoever, in your own shop, market stall, at craft fairs, wherever, for whatever price you like!

Buy from just 1 card, no minimum order. Orders usually dispatched the same day from just £1 each. Postage is set at Royal Mail standard prices too.

5. Our community – helping you to market your art

The WeAllSendCards  community will help drive card sales by bringing together artists, designers, photographers, good causes, charities, fundraisers, art lovers, greeting card lovers, and entrepreneurs.

6. Share in our profits

Sell just 30 retail priced cards per quarter on our platform (or a combination of other activities) and you become eligible to share in our profits. We distribute the equivalent of 50% of our net profit every quarter, shared between our members who hit a low qualification threshold.

7. No commitment and you retain copyright on your art

You can leave our programme at any time. You can choose which designs to use and can remove them at any time too. There are no fees to join. All we ask is that the designs you provide are your own, and you have permission to use other peoples designs, copyright or trademark where appropriate.

Ready to see your designs up for sale on WeAllSendCards? Start things off by letting us know you are interested, by using our contact form 

About WeAllSendCards

WeAllSendCards is a greeting card company that’s all about creating a community and sharing profits among the people who help generate them.

From our website, we offer thousands of stylish greetings cards and prints by independent artists, illustrators, and photographers. All our cards can be personalised on the inside, some on the outside too.

Our prices are competitively priced and are cheaper than similar sized cards sold by

  • Moonpig
  • Funky Pigeon
  • Scribbler
  • Thortful

And many other personalised greeting card sites.

How come? Well, in case you were wondering, we don’t scrimp on quality, as all cards are printed on sustainable 350gsm cardstock.

We save money by careful and strategic advertising our services, so that we are not lining the pockets of the big corporations. Instead, we rely on word of mouth to spread the news about our cards. That leaves us more funds to reward our designers.

Do you like the sound of WeAllSendCards? Please let us know you are interested by completing the short form at the bottom of this page.

Please get in contact to register your interest

Let us know you are interested – we will provide you with an email address to send a couple of examples of your work. If we believe it will work on our cards, we will let you know how to get started!