Retailers and resellers

Looking for eye-catching greeting cards for your shelves, virtual or otherwise?

WeAllSendCards is attracting some of the best new greeting card artists, illustrators and photographers. And you can buy their work, ready printed and ready to sell for great value wholesale prices, right here.


3 Simple Steps…

  1. Buy our cards at less than 50% less than the RRP
  2. Sell them on at a price that suits you (from your shop (online or physical), market stall, to friends and family, or your mates down the pub).
  3. You get to keep the difference

3 reasons why you should be selling WeAllSendCards greeting cards


We offer wholesale prices with big discounts for bulk orders. So you can order in our cards at a competitive price and sell them on for however much you want. Retail at our recommended prices, and you will typically achieve a 115% mark up.


To get started, we ask you to order at least 12 cards (they can all be different designs), but from then on, you can order from 1 card at a time, as long as you have ordered 12 cards or more in the last 31 days. This allows you a much tighter control over your stock levels, less risk of ordering cards that don’t sell, and we delivery quick – if you order by 1pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) we post Royal Mail first class the same day.


Not only are all the card designs that make it onto our site high quality, so too is the card stock we print on. It’s FSC-certified 350gsm cardstock, one of the most sustainable in the world. All cards are fully recyclable and come wrapped in biodegradable cellophane too.


About WeAllSendCards

We thought it was about time for a new kind of greeting card company. One that’s ready to share the profits it makes with the people who help generate those profits.

So we created WeAllSendCards. We prefer to let people recommend us, rather than disrupt their day with advertising they don’t want to see. It means we can spend the money that would otherwise line advertisers’ already bulging pockets on rewarding those who create and sell our cards.

What’s more, it helps us offer our cards at prices that are up to 60p cheaper than the likes of Moonpig, Scribbler, Thortful, Funky Pigeon and others we could mention.

But of course, it’s all about the quality of the greeting card designs. We think ours are the best but see for yourself here search our greeting cards

Please get in contact to register your interest

Let us know you are interested – we can answer all of your questions, and get you set up pretty quick when you are ready to go!