Good Causes

We All Send Cards Would Love To Donate To Your Cause 

We All Send Cards is a new style greetings card company with a different vision and different values to others in our market. We’re committed to developing a community and donating a percentage of our revenues to good causes.





It’s easy to start receiving donations from We All Send Cards

To get donations from We All Send Cards, all you need to do is share an exclusive weblink with your supporters. We will provide you with this weblink when you register, and it will be in the format

Every time they use that weblink to access our website and purchase cards, we will make a donation of 25p for each card that they buy at retail prices.

If your supporter registers with us, we will note that they want to support your charity and donate 25p per card to your charity every time they buy cards at retail prices.

That’s a generous donation for every card they buy, every time they order, with the aim of providing you with ongoing donations from our community members.

*If the person you refer is a designer who buys their own cards, a customer that designs and buys their own cards, or a retailer that buys at wholesale pricing,  then the amount paid is 5p per card. Retail pricing refers to the typical customer coming onto the site and buying cards at our retail pricing model.

And it doesn’t stop there

Every member that buys a card can direct 20p for each card they purchase to a good cause or charity. All they need to do is choose one from a drop-down list in the basket.

You can also earn points to get a share of our revenue. The more people buy cards using your link, the more points you will accumulate, and additional payments based on our total net profits could be paid towards your good cause.

Also, as a charity or good cause, you qualify to purchase cards in bulk at the same rates as a retailer/reseller so that you can purchase our cards at wholesale prices to sell directly to your members or at an event that you are holding to the general public. This gives you the potential to earn much more than if your supporters buy directly from the site. Read our retailer/reseller section for more information. This is entirely optional – we will never pressure you to spend you well-needed donations on our cards.

Why it’s worth sharing your web link far and wide


Those who buy cards using your weblink will be earning you donations from WeAllSendCards absolutely every time they buy Christmas cards, birthday cards, engagement cards, any cards from us. As you can imagine, that could add up to a significant amount over time.


Many of the card designs available on the WeAllSendCards website are only available on WeAllSendCards. So by sharing your unique web link, you’ll be giving your supporters access to greeting cards they can’t buy anywhere else. You can see our greeting card range here: website


There’s definitely a trend in buying cards that can be personalised, and that’s exactly the service we offer on the WeAllSendCards website. All can have a personalised message on the inside, and some on the outside too. It’s really easy.


All our cards are printed on high quality, fully-recyclable and totally sustainable stock and available in biodegradable cellophane.


We can even supply ready-written Twitter, Instagram and Facebook messages that announce to your followers and supporters the fact that you’ve got a unique web link. Just ask us.

About WeAllSendCards

We’re a new style greeting cards business that prefers to spread the wealth rather than line the pockets of the big corporations. That’s why we’re sharing our profits among those who help promote our business.

And by using your unique good cause weblink, you will be helping us spread the word about WeAllSendCards without us having to spend lots of money on advertising our services.

That’s why we are able to make a donation to your charity every time someone who uses your unique weblink buys greeting cards from us.

The greeting cards we sell are all high quality and less expensive than many other personalised greeting card sites you’ll find on the internet.

We hope you feel in a position to support what we’re doing, which you can do by applying for your unique good cause weblink here  – once registered just drop us an email to let us know you want to register for a good cause/charity link.

Please get in contact to register your interest

Let us know you are interested – we will get in contact and help you get set up. If you want us to give you a call please leave your number in the comments.