The latest instalment of Meet Our Designers features Barbara May who trades on WeAllSendCards as CrystalClear

Barbara May was born in the UK but now lives in Crete with her husband and cats.

In her late teens, Barbara studied fashion and design at Brighton and she has loved art and design ever since. In particular the ability to tell a story using colour and form.

Barbara likes to use watercolour as her chosen medium for painting but enjoys photography to catch the moment.

Nature and nostalgia feature in her artwork using pale blended hues. Most of her artwork features on greeting cards for we all send cards, a small friendly company based in the UK. On this website, she is known as CrystalClear a fun name that she created on joining.

Best Selling Cards

My best-selling cards are Happiness – a girl on a swing and Campanula Punctata – a simple floral pink study. The majority of my cards were sold at a local gardening club and through friends and family, before the lockdown of course.


My advice to fellow artists and designers is to join groups of like-minded people on social media.  Look for galleries and opportunities to display your artwork in your local area. People need to see your work before they can buy it.  Other artists can be helpful in many ways, reach out to them.

Thank you for reading this feature on CrystalClear.

Blue Tit

Featuring Cards:

Sku a63137 Happiness, a65922 Campanula Punctata, a69635 Cottage Garden Lupins, a69515 Blue Tit, and a71367 Dittany Herb.

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